Why PCB Fabrication

Ever wondered question why to choose PCB Fabrication in world full of other PCB manufacturers and fabricators? Well, have a look then

  • We are follower of the International Standards (IPC Class II). We compromise on anything but not on the quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • We do not charge advance money while buying. And also, we offer the money back guarantee offer if you are not satisfied with our any of the products or services.
  • Maintaining a standardize level of quality & customer satisfaction and following International Standards, we still have the most economical prices of the items in the competitive world with almost up to 75% discounts.
  • PCB Fabrication has its own logistics service; therefore our shipping charges are very low. Moreover; we deliver the product in very short time. There would be no Custom Delays.
  • We have our own Suppliers under Integrated Supply Chain that provide only first grade materials that are used in our PCBs and PCB-As.
  • We have the modern and latest machinery or technology implemented in our Manufacturing Facility. We have fully automated floor that is why our products are dimensionally accurate, reliable and functionally precise.

Our Advantages over the Chinese market

PCB Fabrication
Chinese/Rest of the World Synergise PCB Edge over World
We are US based company and our all manufacturing are done inside USA. Chinese products with low quality Quality Product
We do not charge advance money like other platforms. They take full payment in advance. No Advance Payment
We provide Money Back Guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with our product. There is no money back guarantee or the quality of the product. Money Back Guarantee
Timely and safe & sound delivery of the required product with the exact demands of the customer. Delivery time is not met most of the time. In-time Delivery
There are always Custom delays in shipment of products. Such hindrances won’t occur if you buy from us.


The products are usually delayed. Custom delays are very much common. No Delays due to Custom Clearances
We have a modernized Supply Chain system in which our people are distributors and logistics provider. We do not take third-party logistics services.


They have different suppliers, distributors and logistics. Therefore the delay and poor service are usual. No third party interaction
We choose only first grade materials in our Printed Circuit Boards Assembly (PCBA).


Selection of low quality materials in PCBA High Quality Electronic Equipment
You can place your order online easily


Complex ways to place order Fast order placing steps
We have the most advanced system of test or quality checking. Following international standards for quality while fabricating the Circuit Boards.



Less quality checks Ensuring Quality Products
We have the cheapest rates currently.


They charge gigantic shipping charges. Sometimes the shipping charges are greater than the cost of the product itself.


No hidden charges ensuring cheapest rates
Our products are durable and reliable.


Not reliable Reliability and durability
24/7 customer support availability with no language barriers


There is very poor interaction or customer communication service with issues in communication Live Customer support with no communication gaps