PCB Fabrication in USA. uses the latest technology in order to fabricate the Printed Circuit Boards. We are having the latest PCB machines for the manufacturing and designing of print circuits. We use state of the art PCB layout software for designing PCB boards and that is why our products are more accurate, durable and reliable. A glimpse of how we design a PCB is as below

CNC Routers:

We do not compromise on the accuracy, durability and quality of the circuit PCB. Hence we have CNC Routers for the cutting of the circuit boards. We also have CNC V-Grooving machine that is used to produce certain grooves, when needed, on the boards accurately and efficiently.

Laser Drills:

We are fully equipped with latest Laser Drills that are used to make the accurate holes in the PCBS. We compromise nothing, when it comes to the satisfaction and quality of Customers.

X-ray Fluorescence Testing Machine:

We have X-ray Fluorescence Testing Machine in our Manufacturing facility. It is well known for its Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) almost done on all integrated circuit board.

Flying Probe Testing Machine:

We have on board, the Flying Probe Testing Machine, with the most current features in it. It is used to test the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) when they are open or short circuited.